to support your evolution


Morning Routines


doTERRA Balance

I use Balance oil every morning, and often multiple times a day. It’s great for grounding and feeling …

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Manifesting Journal

A beautiful hardcover journal for recording your dreams, your intentions, and your Morning Question for Manifestors!

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Manifestation Sticky Notes

These were such a huge hit at EVOLUTION2019 that I decided to make them available all the time!

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doTERRA Elevation

This is THE oil for meditation and connection. I often combine it with Balance on my feet in the morning …

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doTERRA Ylang Ylang

Heart opening, commence! Ylang Ylang is great for circulation, and is often recommended …

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The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter

Breathwork, energy work, and integrated yoga practices that will totally change how you move through your life!

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Supplements & Health


Omg, this stuff. It’s delicious, easy, and SO good for you. WAY better than your average protein powder.

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When Vitality Plus came into my life, I was taking Ashwagandha, turmeric, holy basil, and a bunch of other stuff to keep …

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I ‘ll bet you’re wondering

“What do vitamins, essential oils, and gorgeous artisan goods have to do with Quantum Evolution?”

Well, it comes down to the Evolution Equation®:

Energy + Environment = Evolution


If you are creating a more aligned, abundant, healthy, fulfilled, and joyful version of YOU, your inner and outer environment needs to support the changes you’re making in your thinking, your habits, and your ways of being. When your body isn’t working hard to feel nourished and cared for, you have more energy to spare for creativity, transformation, and creatorship!

I LOVE supporting conscious companies whose products make a positive contribution to the health of their customers, their employees and representatives, and the planet. All of the products you see on this page are products I use, love, and recommend.

Full transparency: If you choose to purchase products from this page, I may receive an affiliate commission or other compensation. Isn’t is SO cool that we can support what’s meaningful to us and be supported in return?

 Want to learn more about the Evolution Equation? I explain it in this video.

Want to have a convo with me about how I use any of the above products, or how you can integrate products like these to create MSIs in your biz?