Are you ready to step into your power as a creator in your life? 

You have a mission, a calling, that's pulling you forward into a new life and a new way of being. You're dreaming a BIG dream—and you're ready to do what it takes to live into that dream, because you know that when you do, you'll change the world. 

And yet, you're not entirely sure how to get there from here. It feels like there's a glass ceiling between you and the life you're meant to be living: you can see it, but you can't quite touch it. 

You can create your life

What if you could stop waiting for the "right" moment to live into your dream?

What if you could leave your frustration and lack of clarity behind, and start showing up in your life as a true creator?

And what if you had a formula that could help you do this over and over, so that every day would bring you a step closer to the life you are truly meant to be living? 

You have the power to create your life. You can choose to stay stuck, frustrated, and playing small—or you can choose to evolve, and become the person who can receive, sustain, and embody your biggest dreams. 

The Law of Creatorship™ is on your side. But if you haven't visited this corner of the universe before, you'll want a guide who understands the process of experiential creation, and can help you shatter that glass ceiling, and build a bridge between where you're standing right now and where your dream life begins. 

That's where Bryna comes in. 

Masters of Creation™ 
Coaching Program

I called this program “Masters of Creation” because its like getting an advanced degree in reality creation. This isn’t baseline-level work; this is where we get serious about bringing our biggest visions into form.

You know that each of us creates our reality, and that the Universe reflects that reality back to us in the form of our environment and experience. You've read the books. You've walked the walk. You've cleared the way, and you’ve left habitual negativity and victimhood in the dust. Now, you're looking for that final piece to bring it all together—the key to unlock your full power as a creator and step into even greater empowerment, joy, consciousness, and flow in your life and business.

The MASTERS OF CREATION™ COACHING PROGRAM is your chance to work with Bryna and a powerful circle of dynamic women for 12 months to fast-track your personal evolution and connect to your innate power as a creator like never before. 

  • Circle up with Bryna and your creatrix sisters on 2 powerful mastermind calls per month

  • Receive private coaching from Bryna on 4 1-hour calls

  • Receive monthly trainings from experts in mindset, neuroscience, conscious business, energy work, and manifestation

  • Join Bryna and your sisters in person for two 2-day weekend intensives

  • Jumpstart your expansion with 2 half-day virtual retreats

  • Create amazing relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Your investment

Pay in full: $5,998 for 12 months*

Easy payment plan: Initial deposit of $1,498 plus 12 monthly payments of $398

*Note that travel costs for in-person retreats (including flights, hotels, and meals) are not included.

* * * * * * *

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Are you ready for the MASTERS OF CREATION™ program?

You're a good fit for this program if you are: 

  • A spiritual entrepreneur, changemaker, thought leader, influencer, teacher, or leader who is ready to take the next step into your greatness!

  • Versed in basic concepts of spiritual thought such as the Law of Attraction, the Universal Field, and thought as energy.

  • A curious student of life with a strong sense of self-awareness and a deep curiosity about what makes you (and your reality) tick.

  • Open-minded and willing to explore new ways of looking at yourself, your world, and the Universe so that you can expand into your biggest vision.

  • Ready and willing to embrace your current reality (including any blocks or stuck places) exactly as-is, and excited to do the work to create a shift.


This program might not be right for you if you are:

  • Already living your absolute biggest dream every day. (Go, you! Rock on!)

  • Looking for straight-up business strategy and development coaching. (No worries: I have great resources for you!)

  • Just beginning your spiritual journey and practice. (Another program may be right for you first, but let's circle back!)

  • Not ready to accept your role as the primary creator of your reality.

  • Unwilling to do the work to shift your current reality and evolve into the version of you who can live your dreams.

  • Not interested in showing up as your best and most powerful self every single day.

ready to choose YOUR evolution?

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