Sponsor Guidelines & Information


Thank you so much for your interest in being a sponsor at Evolution 2020!

Before you submit your application, here are some key details about what you’ll commit to giving and receiving as a sponsor at this event.

Sponsors can be both product or service-based businesses.

My Commitment to Our Sponsors

Evolution 2020 is a fully collaborative environment. I want you to bring your full self forward and be seen for the stellar creator you are—and that includes the work that you’re doing!

To that end, I include for all of our sponsors:

  • A pre-event interview video broadcast to our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram audience, which you can share and add to your own channels.

  • Inclusion of your info and links in event marketing.

  • A color 1/2 page ad in our workbook which can include an invitation to connect or a free product or service.

  • The option to insert printed materials or goodies in our gift bags (including paid offers).

  • The option to feature artisan goods, books, journals, oracle cards, or other products in our pop-up store.

  • And, of course, the opportunity to connect in person with our fully-engaged audience of female entrepreneurs, changemakers, and leaders!

In return, I ask that:

  • You invest your energy in this event. Our baseline sponsor fee is $1,200, which includes your personal Cosmic Pass event ticket. (Note: if you want to come as a VIP you can upgrade your ticket for an additional $250.) However, you can offset this by inviting the aligned women in your community! For every ticket someone in your network purchases, you will receive $400 off your sponsor fee — which means that if you invite 3 people, you’ll get to attend the event and get your sponsorship perks for free! (Why do we do it this way? Because it’s important that all of our sponsors contribute an equal amount of energy to the collective flow—and money is also energy!) Your sponsor fee will be due in full (minus any credits for ticket sales) 60 days before the event begins; you’ll be refunded $400 for any additional tickets sold after the fee is paid.

  • You don’t directly sell at the event. As a sponsor, your materials will be featured in our gift bags, in our pop-up store (if you have physical products, we will sell them on consignment through our system) and in the workbook. You can also network as much as you like—but we don’t provide specific booths or sales tables since we want to keep the energy focused on learning and growth. (But don’t worry: we will provide LOTS of opportunities for attendees to get in touch with you if they feel connected to you and your work!)

  • You join in on the promotion process. Again, it’s part of our value system that our collective of sponsors bring an equal amount of energy and intention to this event. A piece of that is your commitment to spread the word to your audience, friends, and clients. We’ll make it super easy with pre-written social posts, emails, and images—all you need to do is follow the promo schedule!

  • You are present for the entire event. I know that travel and timing can get complicated around events, but as a sponsor it’s vital that you are present and visible throughout the whole event—including any VIP or evening events. This creates an energetic solidarity and shows audience members that you’re there for them, not just for you. It also gives you an opportunity to connect personally with everyone who LOVES what they’ve been seeing from you in our promo and print ads!


Does all this get your wings fluttering? Great! Click the button below to fill out your sponsor application!