Sponsor Promo Center

Hi everyone! I created this sponsor promo center so that you have everything you need to promote and share our event!

This page also includes specific descriptions of what I need from you for your 1/2 page ad in the workbook, your materials for the gift bags/shop, and other housekeeping items.

Use the links below to navigate the page so you can find what you need easily and quickly!


Quick Links


Your commitments

What sponsorship entails

  • Your sponsorship fee is your full-price event ticket. (No extra costs!)

  • Your must purchase your full-price event ticket no later than April 10 to become an official sponsor.

  • As a sponsor, you agree to do the following:

    • Bring at least 2 other event attendees with you (also super fun for you to be there with your peeps)

    • Promote the event through your email list and social channels (swipe copy for all channels is provided on this page)

    • Attend all three days of the event as your most vibrant and creative self!

  • As a sponsor, you will receive the following:

    • A full-color, 1/2 page ad in the workbook received by every attendee

    • Placement of your postcard or other marketing materials in every attendee gift bag

    • Placement of any physical products in our pop-up store

    • Extra visibility on the event website and in social posts


Schedule and deadlines

Promo schedule

  • Please send at least one solo email between February 15 and March 15 to your entire list (all segments). Pre-written text for this email can be found under the “email swipe copy” section of this page.

  • Please post at least once per week on your social channels from now until May 6 to make sure the event stays visible to your audience. If you can increase support as the event gets closer, that would be amazing.

  • Please share posts from me and our event speakers when it feels aligned to do so, particularly any video content.

Other deadlines

  • I need to have your 1/2 page ad image in hand no later than April 10. Please refer to the Workbook Ad section of this page for specs, dimensions, and suggested content.

  • Patsy, Ashley, and I will need to have any promo materials you are contributing to our gift bags and popup store (such as promotional postcards, products, etc.) in hand no later than May 1. You can mail them to me at Bryna Haynes, 6 North Road, Foster, RI 02825 - or, I can pick them up from you if you’re local. I will get you a final estimate for number of attendees no later than April 20, but please plan to send enough printed materials to fill 80-100 gift bags.


your unique tracking links

Use these tracking links anywhere you see the notation {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} in the swipe copy.

Tracking links will be provided when sponsorship is confirmed.

  • Carrie Majewski - http://bit.ly/2RVbp34

  • Gayle Nowak - http://bit.ly/2WT6hjD

  • Kira Hug - http://bit.ly/2VifnF1

  • Sarah Daigle - http://bit.ly/2UildcL

  • Michelle Jacobik - http://bit.ly/2YxbjmR

  • Kim Fuller - http://bit.ly/2UolEm1

  • Veronica Wirth - http://bit.ly/2D1mhHV

  • Laura Clark - http://bit.ly/2FVgPHe


Corporate Justification Letter

Patsy and I have created a Justification Letter to help anyone on your list who works in corporate to request time off and have costs covered. You can find that here:


Or, use this Bitlink: http://bit.ly/EVO2019_CJL

Email swipe copy

Use this copy to share Evolution 2019 with your list!

  • Send email version 1 (or your own version) to your list between February 15 and March 15

  • Send email version 2 (or your own version) to your list between March 20 and April 15

  • Add your own voice, greeting, and closing to each email where noted. Be sure to include your unique tracking links in the body of the email where it says {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}.

Ideas to help you reach more people:

  • Do an A/B test with two or more subject lines to maximize email opens

  • Resend the email to unopens 3-4 days after the initial email

  • Feel free to edit any copy that doesn’t match the ideal tone for your audience. We want this to sound genuine for you!


Email Version 1

Possible Subject lines

Want to go supernova in 2019? Don’t miss this event!

{Live Event} I’m going quantum with Bryna Haynes!

Are you ready for an inner (r)evolution?

Hi, {{ subscriber.first_name }}!

We all have a BIG dream.

This dream feels amazing. Expansive. Purposeful. Maybe it's even what we were put on this planet to do.

And sometimes, it feels friggin' impossible.

Not because we can't do it, or we're not willing to do what it takes ...

But because we're just not sure how to hold space inside ourselves for something so MASSIVE.

But here's the thing ...

If you’re waiting for that expert fairy to magic your imposter syndrome away, or for life to set things up all perfect and KonMari for you, I’ve got some bad news.

*Not going to happen.*

So what should a powerful go-getter like you do instead?

You've got to learn to show up in your life as the powerful, magical container for universal possibilities that you are.

And then, you've got to start living into your dream every single day, in small but powerful evolutionary steps.

It's ALL about starting small, so you can go BIG—one microcosmic change at a time.

You have the power to create not only the business you want, but the LIFE you really want to live.

(Because who wants to create success that feels like crap or eats every second of your day?!?)

THE UNIVERSE WITH ALL ITS INFINITE POTENTIAL, RESIDES WITHIN YOU. You can create anything at all. The only way something becomes impossible is if you decide it's impossible.

And, here's a little secret …

The life you want is possible. But your dream hasn’t been done before. That’s why YOU have to create it!

So if …

✴ “Normal” is a word you’d like to ban from your vocabulary.

✴ The real, radical YOU has been dormant (and you’re SO ready to wake her the *F* up!)

✴ You’ve undercut and ignored your own greatness for too long (yup, it’s time to own all the messy and magnificent bits of you!)

✴ You are ready to drop ALL of your excuses and become the version of you who can actually live your dream

I've got the BEST news for you.

My good friend, Bryna Haynes, has just announced her MAJOR live event, EVOLUTION 2019, coming to Providence, Rhode Island on May 8-10!

This 3-day immersion workshop is all about purpose, mission, and claiming your creatorship. It's about bonding with an incredible conscious collective of kick-ass women leaders and influences, inviting HUGE "a-ha!" moments, and finally coming up with a real plan to create the life and work you REALLY want, on no one's terms but your own.

And, best of all, I’ll be there as a sponsor!

Are you in?





It’s impossible to make the impact you want in your business, your industry, or your life until you align who you’re *BEING* with what you WANT.

Bryna Haynes is exactly the person to show you how to do that. She’s a master of self-reinvention, a successful entrepreneur, and an expert at blending quantum science, neuro-hacking, spiritual principles, and manifestation techniques to help creators like you go from stalled-out to SUPERNOVA without burning out.







✴ Figure out what you REALLY want from your life and business so you can start creating it today, on YOUR terms.

✴ Learn what quantum theory has to say about who really are and how we create our reality - aka, the science behind the spirituality. 

✴ Choose a new “normal” that aligns with your purpose, values, and dreams. (No more living by anyone else’s rules!)

✴ Finally kick that friggin’ “imposter syndrome” that’s been keeping you playing small and putting a lid on your inspiration.

✴ Connect with a room full of other superstar changemakers who are committed to supporting each other 111% on this journey.

✴ Leave with a REAL, actionable plan to start creating EVERYTHING that's possible for you, like, NOW






✴ Access to all three days of intensive reality-creation magic (including a special presentation by yours truly!)

✴ An invitation to our Evening of Healing bonus event

✴ Morning yoga classes

✴ Daily organic breakfast and decadent afternoon snacks

✴ A sweet gift bag filled with goodies

✴ Access to our pop-up store, where you’ll find amazing swag from our speakers, sponsors, and local artisans

✴ A one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with like-minded change-makers, leaders, and #girlbosses from all corners of the planet

Our attendees are already calling Evolution 2019 the “must-attend” event of the year!





✴ A private gondola adventure along the Providence river with Bryna, me, and the other Evolution 2019 speakers, complete with champagne toast. (Expect to be serenaded in Italian by Bryna’s gorgeous gondolier hubby as we cruise the historic riverfront!)

✴ A beautiful dinner at Café Nuovo with specialty Essential Oil cocktails designed by Julez Weinberg

✴ Soul-igniting conversation limited to only 25 VIP attendees.

✴ An upgraded VIP gift bag full of amazing EVO2019 swag (worth over $200!)

✴ Potential collaborations, clients, and friendships that could last a lifetime. 


Better hurry ... these are going fast! 


I'm over-the-moon excited about this event ... Not only because I’m a sponsor, but because I believe with all my heart in this work. The more we tap into our power as conscious creators, the more leverage and influence we have to make the world a better, more loving place. We don’t have the luxury of playing small anymore.

I’m ready to take a deep dive into my own creation process. And I’m so excited to do it while sharing space with some of the most powerful creators I know - women who are ROCKING IT on the Universal stage, and changing lives left and right.

Seriously. You don’t want to miss this!





I'll see you (IN REAL LIFE) in May! 


PS: if you're coveting one of those VIP seats, DON'T WAIT! There are only 11 remaining as of the date of this mailing and they will sell out fast! >> GET YOUR VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS NOW! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}



Email Version 2

To be sent between March 20 and April 15

Possible Subject lines

Catch me LIVE at Evolution 2019!

Hang with me in Providence? {LIVE EVENT}

Craving more than just feel-good fluff? Read this!

Hi, {{ subscriber.first_name }}!

I’m counting down to a BIG day.

(No, it’s not my birthday. But it’s almost as fun.)

You see, on May 8, I’m heading to Providence, RI to join my friend Bryna Haynes as a sponsor for her live event, EVOLUTION 2019!

This isn’t your standard inspirational event. This is a 3-day immersion into your own powers of creatorship. It’s a chance for some of the most powerful, creative, dynamic women in my world to come together and dig deep into the what, why, and how of who they’re becoming.

If you’re tired of giant “rah-rah” inspo-events that pump you up for a day or two but ultimately leave you without the strategies you need to create the life and business of your dreams, you NEED to be at EVOLUTION 2019. This isn’t just about feeling good; it’s about a personal (r)evolution!

Did this get your tail wagging? Learn more and grab your ticket here >> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

I know firsthand how life-changing Bryna’s Quantum Evolution™ process really is. These aren’t stopgaps or Band-aids for your struggles. What she teaches will change the whole way you look at your life and what’s possible for you - AND give you the tools you need to keep yourself on track when #reallife sets in.

I’m so excited to be part of Bryna’s “cosmic crew” for this evolutionary 3-day immersion. There’s truly nothing like coming together in real life with a supercharged group of female creators!

So if you’re ready to …

  • Ditch the excuses and self-doubts that have been holding you back

  • Discover who you REALLY are and what’s possible for you

  • Turn your BIG dream into an actual step-by-step evolutionary plan

  • Start creating your most fulfilling, abundant, purposeful life and business, like, NOW …


Register now! >> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Questions? Reply to this email or get in touch with the EVO2019 Team at growth@chooseyourevolution.blog.


Can’t wait to see you LIVE on May 8!


PS: Here’s that registration link again: >> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}


Facebook/Instagram SWIPE COPY

Please add these posts (or write your own) to your social rotation at least 1-2x per week from now until May 7. Don’t forget to insert your tracking link where it says {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} and fill in any marked areas with your own words.

If using these posts for Istagram, be sure to write out the link www.evolution2019.com in the text of the post itself, so it’s easier for people to type. (This way, you don’t need to change the tracking link in your bio, although you can if that feels aligned!)

Be sure to add the promo images to every post!

Facebook/INSTAgram Copy 1

I’m so excited to announce that I’m one of the superstar sponsors for EVOLUTION 2019, a live event hosted by Bryna Haynes on May 8-10, 2019 in Providence, RI.

If you don’t know Bryna, she’s an expert in inner clarity and navigating change, and she’s on a mission to teach ambitious creators how to use her Quantum Evolution™ process to align with their purpose, create an action plan for their own evolution, and implement the microcosmic daily changes that will make their BIG dreams happen for real. So, if you’re ready to discover the version of YOU who can create everything you’ve been dreaming about, this event will be the best investment you make in yourself this year. Are you in? {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Facebook/INSTAgram copy 2

The life you want IS possible for you. But your dream life hasn’t been done before. That’s why YOU have to create it.

If you’re not sure how, you’re not alone. But there’s a way out—and it starts with a big YES to what’s being called “one of the must-attend events of the year!”  

I’m so honored to be sponsoring #Evolution2019 on May 8-10, 2019! During our 3-day immersion, my good friend Bryna Haynes will take you on a deep dive into her Quantum Evolution™ process, and teach you how to create an evolutionary blueprint of tiny, deliberate changes that will have you living your dream in WAY less time than you think. Plus you’ll hear from 5 more powerhouse speakers about how to live beyond fear, harness the power of your conscious community, and create the fulfilling, totally unique life and business you didn’t think was possible.

Are you coming with me? {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Facebook/INSTAgram copy 3

It’s impossible to make the impact you want in your business, your industry, or your life until you align who you’re *BEING* with what you WANT. It doesn’t matter how many mastermind groups you join, podcasts you absorb, books you devour, or courses you download to your hard drive, if you’re not living your dream, it’s time to evolve.

I know firsthand what it takes to create a personal evolution. That’s why I’m SO excited to be a superstar sponsor for Bryna Haynes’s transformational 3-day event this May 8-10 in Providence, RI! {{INSERT A SENTENCE ABOUT WHY YOU’RE EXCITED}}

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur, influencer, change-maker, or world-healer, Evolution 2019 is THE live event to be at this year. Bryna’s bled of quantum physics, neurohacking, and no-BS spiritual insight is your key to unlocking your true potential and living into your vision in a way you never knew was possible. And, I’ll be sharing my story about {{INSERT YOUR TOPIC HERE}} to {INSERT YOUR BIG WHY HERE}}

This is your life. You are creating it. Every day matters. What you think, say, and do counts. And there are no do-overs, my friend. Not in this lifetime.

So if you’re ready to start BEING the version of you who can make your biggest dreams come true, join me at #Evolution2019 in May! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}


twitter SWIPE COPY

Please add these posts (or write your own) to your social rotation at least 3-4x per week from now until May 7. Don’t forget to insert your tracking link where it says {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}.

Be sure to add the promo images to increase visibility!


I’m so thrilled to be a sponsor for #EVOLUTION2019 with @BrynaHaynes! Want to hang with us IRL on May 8-10? {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Are you ready to go quantum? Join me, Bryna Haynes, and the rest of our cosmic crew for the must-attend LIVE event of the year! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} #Evolution2019

What would it take to create your #dreamlife? Find out at #Evolution2019 with me and @BrynaHaynes! Register here: {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

You’re only a choice away from a whole new #reality. Join me for #Evolution2019 with inspirational speaker & catalyst @BrynaHaynes May 8-10! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Do you always feel two steps away from the life and business you REALLY want? It’s time for an #internalrevolution! Join me and @BrynaHaynes at #evolution2019 to find out how! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Come with a #dream, leave with a #plan. Don’t miss #Evolution2019 with @BrynaHaynes May 8-10 in Providence RI! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

A transformational 3-day event that will shift your excuses and rewrite your self-sabotaging scripts. {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} #Evolution2019

An evolutionary event for those ready to make a quantum leap in their lives—one microcosmic change at a time.{{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} #Evolution2019

You’re only a choice away from a reality you’re actually excited about. {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} #Evolution2019

Join me and @BrynaHaynes for her 3-day event that’s being called “An inspirational cauldron of stellar proportions!” {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Do you catch yourself questioning your own truth—your story, your ideas, your desires and decisions? It’s time to shift that! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Do you always feel two steps away from the life you REALLY want? Then don’t miss this> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}} #Evolution2019

#Evolution2019 is an invitation to design a life that aligns with your truth. It starts here> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

This life you want IS possible for you. But your dream life hasn’t been done before. That’s why YOU have to create it! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Learn the secrets of creating your ultimate reality at @BrynaHaynes #Evolution2019 event {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

I’m thrilled to share the stage w/5 extraordinary visionaries at @BrynaHaynes’s 3-day event, #Evolution2019! >{{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Ready to reinvent yourself and discover a new version of YOU? Join me at #evolution2019 in #pvd this May. Msg me for info!Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Ready to make your BIG DREAMS happen for REAL?! Join me at #evolution2019 in #pvd this May. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Sick and tired of getting in your own way? Ready to make your BIG DREAMS manifest for REAL? Join me at #evolution2019. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Ready to EVOLVE into the woman you know you are meant to become?! Join me at #evolution2019 this May. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Know you’re meant for more + ready to commit to making your BIG DREAM a reality? Join me at #evolution2019 this May. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

If you don’t have what you want yet... the good news is YOU can CREATE it. Want to learn how? Join me at #evolution2019. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Gain the clarity you need to make conscious decisions & become the person you always wanted to be. Join me at #evolution2019. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

If you’re looking for permission to live the life you’ve been too scared to give a chance … THIS IS IT, #evolution2019. Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Harness your full potential by finally giving yourself permission to access it…join me at #evolution2019 to find out what’s really possible! {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}

Discover how to overcome the impostor complex ... that pesky squasher of dreams at #evolution2019. Join me! Click for details!> {{YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE}}


Promo Images

Please use these images in your emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts to increase engagement.

There are numerous images to choose from. Use whatever one lights you up in the moment!

Right click on the images and choose “Save Image As” to download. Or, grab them from Dropbox here.


Your 1/2 Page Workbook Ad

Here is all the info you need to create your 1/2 page workbook ad.

  • Ad should be full color, horizontal layout.

  • Dimensions are 8.75 x 5.75 (8.5 x 5.5 with 0.125 inch bleed on all sides) at at least 300 dpi, CMYK color space.

  • Content should feature your brand, your contact information and website, and your free opt-in gift. (Please do NOT advertise paid programs in this ad.)

  • If you have questions, please shoot me an email or text me at 401-339-1944.


Your Gift Bag Items

As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to add something to each attendee’s gift bag!

This could be a product, a postcard featuring your opt-in gift or another offering, or just a business card with a personal note attached.

I ask that you don’t DIRECTLY promote your own events, courses, and paid programs here. However, a free video series or webinar that leads to paid programs is great. This could be a version of what’s in your 1/2 page ad or something different.

I will need to have all gift bag items in hand no later than May 1. You can mail them to:

Bryna Haynes
6 North Road
Foster, RI 02825

Or, if you’re local, I can pick them up.

If you’re not sure what you want to offer, shoot me an email or text me at 401-339-1944 and 'I’ll help you figure it out.


Your Pop-up store items

Several of you have physical products like journals, books, t-shirts, or other items that you want to offer in our pop-up store. Yay!

Here’s how this will work:

  • All items will be sold on consignment. I will need both wholesale and suggested retail prices from you when I receive the items. We will track all sales through Square and send you a report along with a check for the wholesale price of sold items within 30 days of the event.

  • All sales tax and other local fees will be taken care of by me as sales will be made under my permits.

  • Digital products cannot be sold directly through the store, however if you have a digital product (like a course) that you want to feature, we will have a stand for printed materials in the store area that participants can browse.

  • If you have a favorite local artisan whose products you’d like to see in the pop-up store, put us in touch! Unfortunately due to hotel regulations we cannot do fresh food products, but things like handmade clothing, jewelry, paper goods, and other items may be a good fit.