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Bryna is a presenter at the Rhode Island Women's Expo!

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel 801 Greenwich Avenue Warwick, RI, 02886 United States (map)

All of us have stories: the stories we share with others, and the stories we tell ourselves. These stories determine not only how we relate to our past, but how we create our future.

If we want to create real change in our lives and live into our biggest dreams, we need to look at the stories we are telling ourselves about what is possible for us. More, we need to understand that although our stories tell us where we’ve been, they don’t tell us who we truly ARE.

In this presentation, entitled “Shift Your Story, Shift Your Life,” Bryna will demonstrate how shifting your story, even in subtle ways, can have a monumental impact on how we experience our lives. With a simple shift in perspective, we can go from fear to brilliance, scarcity to abundance, and victimhood to true creatorship.

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NOTE: Speaking times will be announced in October.