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An intimate year-long journey into alignment, abundance, and inner (r)evolution for mission-driven female leaders & Entrepreneurs  


Are you craving more from your mastermind than just hype and tactics?

Are you looking for a place to grow from the inside out, ditch your perceived limitations, and stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone WAY beyond what you thought was possible?

Are you looking to connect a circle of high-level entrepreneurial women who are committed to uplifting one another, living to the fullest, and bringing ALL of who they truly are to their work in the world?

Are you ready to become the version of you who can actually create your biggest vision, hold space for your own greatness, and truly create the impact you want to have in the world?

Are you ready to shine like a star in your life and business, and make a quantum leap into your next level of magnificence?

Well, sister, you’ve found your inner circle.


Find true Alignment


The success, abundance, and purpose you want to create can ONLY come from the inside out.

There is no “plug and play” formula for inner growth. But without it, you will never find true success — the kind of success that brings joy, playfulness, fulfillment, and a deep sense of purpose.

The circle work we explore in The Celestial Sisterhood will exponentially magnify your inner growth, awareness, self-trust, and perception so you can step into true congruence — meaning, you can always show up in full alignment with your greatest truth and vision, even when things get tough.

It will also give you the practical, actionable tools you need to shift what isn’t working so you can get back to doing what really lights you up.

Best of all, you’ll do this deep work in the company of other women who are standing in their power, manifesting their magnificence, and uplifting humanity through their work.

This is feminine energy lit up with STARFIRE. This is catalyzation. This is personal growth on a celestial level.

This is what sisterhood is all about.


Circle Up


The Celestial Sisterhood is no ordinary mastermind experience. This is an intimate, co-collaborative circle of women sharing their greatest gifts with one another in the interest of uplifting the collective — and, by extension, the world.

Here’s some of the magic we’ll create together …

  • Ignite your inner wisdom in a BIG way and learn to channel it through our purpose and mission

  • Create strategies to hold yourself (and your sisters) accountable to your biggest visions

  • Stretch your comfort zone and identify where you are still playing small in your life and business

  • Learn actionable techniques to shift the limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that are getting in your way

  • Receive real-time feedback, wisdom, and support from Bryna and your other Celestial Sisters so you can stay in alignment with your vision

  • Continually uplevel your life and business to stay in total alignment with the abundance, joy, and freedom you desire

  • And, best of all, be a part of a loving collective of dynamic women who are creating their own most amazing lives and living into their highest calling!


There’s something magical about spending time with other powerful women. There’s an upward spiral of energy and intention that can’t be explained in words; it has to be felt. It’s in every conversation, every breath. And when such magic is present, you can’t help but be transformed — and transform others in turn.


Our Retreats


Travel and adventure are a HUGE part of the value system for the Celestial Sisterhood! That’s why your investment includes not one, but TWO 5-day international retreats. You’ll take a deep dive with your sisters in abundance and luxury, and stretch your boundaries in some rather unexpected ways!

Scotland: Magic, momentum, and Manifestation

Dates: November 13-18, 2019
Locations: Edinburgh and the Highlands
Dress code: Laid-back glam … but pack your Wellies!

We’ll sink into luxury at a 5-star hotel & spa in Edinburgh, then head to a castle in the highlands to stretch our legs (and our comfort zones) with some super-secret fun and magical surprises!


Belize: Immersion, Clarity, and Healing

Dates: April 8-13, 2020
Location: TBD
Dress code: Easy-breezy beachy

We’ll enjoy yoga, meditation, and inner inquiry with master teachers at a stunning resort in San Pedro, and explore the beauty of the mountains and ocean with curated excursions.


virtual retreats: Deep dives and radical resets

Dates: June 3, 2019 and January 6, 2020
Location: Online
Dress code: Yoga pants

We’ll spend 3-4 hours together doing what we do best: catalyzing each other for the next stage of our growth spiral! We’ll reconnect to your biggest vision and come up with a real plan to help you get there without losing yourself along the way.


The Creatrix


Hey there. I’m Bryna Haynes, creator of the Celestial Sisterhood, and I’m living proof that the right circle of powerful, intentional, positive women can turn your life around.

Some of the most rapid periods of personal growth in my life have taken place inside of women’s circles. I learned more about communication, compassion, motivation, and self-inquiry from my circle sisters than I ever did in a yoga class or on my meditation pillow. Why? Because I had to show up fully and be authentic, vulnerable, and crystal clear in my intentions. The brilliant women around me simply wouldn’t accept anything less.


In less than ten years, I’ve gone from bankrupt, depressed, and directionless to passionate, fulfilled, and completely rocking my purpose while creating a super-abundant business that fuels and funds everything I value — like world travel, family time, and a slightly dangerous obsession with beautiful Italian boots.

The best relationships are the ones that reflect to you the person you are becoming — the best possible version of yourself. When you see your own potential reflected in another woman’s eyes, your life will never be the same again.

I named this group The Celestial Circle because in this collective, we are all rising stars, and we will shine like the whole sky is depending on us.


The Details


The Celestial Sisterhood officially launches on May 13, 2019. We currently have 6 openings remaining and are reviewing applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

Investment: $18,000 paid in full, or one initial deposit of $6,000 and 12 monthly payments of $1,200

What’s included:

  • Powerful weekly circle calls led by Bryna where we will grow, learn, and troubleshoot as a collective

  • Monthly private coaching calls

  • Trainings from high-level experts in mindset, motivation, personal healing, meditation, and business alignment

  • Two 5-day luxury retreats, which include:

    • All hotel and lodging expenses

    • Daily breakfasts and snacks plus some lunches and evening meals

    • All activities, excursions, and classes

    • Transfers between retreat locations

    • 5 days of dedicated time for you to sink into your vision, reset your perspective, and hang out with your Celestial sisters

    • Lots of luxury extras to help you feel abundant and pampered!

  • Two 1/2 day virtual retreat intensives

  • All-access passes to any of Bryna’s other live events, including training intensives and Evolution 2020

  • A circle of high-powered female changemakers and influencers who are on a mission to create a new, more abundant, more joyful and vibrant reality for themselves, their communities, and the world!


So, sister … Are you ready to step into this spiral galaxy of personal (r)evolution?

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Not sure if the Celestial Sisterhood is the right fit for you?
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