The Law of Creatorship: Your Infinite Power


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We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction. It’s infused into nearly everything we read, see, and do in our conscious community. What you think and feel, this Law states, will come back to you in the form of your reality.

I’d hazard a guess that most of us believe this to be true, at least to some degree. We’ve noticed that where we put our focus tends to be where stuff happens in our lives. We’ve noticed that when we really desire something, we find pathways to make it happen. We probably have at least one story of a minor (or major) miracle that occurred when we asked for something with our whole heart.  

But what happens when we’re not actively manifesting?

What about the times when we’re overwhelmed in our businesses, frustrated by piles of laundry, or binge-reading epic fantasy novels? (Okay, maybe that last one is just me, but you get the point.) What happens when we’ve left our meditation cushions and morning journals behind, and we’re just trying to get through the day?

For a long time I had the belief that, if I wasn’t consciously manifesting―meaning, I wasn’t actually visualizing or writing about what I wanted―I wasn’t creating anything at all. I thought that, in the hours or days between those brief moments of connection, clarity, and intention, life was just kind of … happening. More, I felt like certain aspects of life simply weren’t subject to my will; depending on the day, these might have included everything from time, success, and my visibility in the world to the cost of groceries, the vagaries of modern technology, and other people’s bad driving.

Of course, what was really happening is that I was unconsciously hanging on to a sense of victimhood. I was avoiding the truth of my power by maintaining that some things were just beyond my ability to influence. I actually would find myself thinking crap like, “Well, that’s just the way this world works.”

I think this is true for many of us. We’ve seen how we can create our reality, up to a point. We’ve acknowledged that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are reflected back to us in relationships and events, up to a point. We’ve let in the truth that we can co-create with the Universal Field―the force many of us call God, Goddess, or Source―up to a point.

And so, we’ve thus far managed to create our lives according to our dreams, desires, and creative callings … but only up to a point.

Well, “up to a point” isn’t far enough anymore. And we’re beginning to know it.



The New Reality Matrix

We are being called into a new version of ourselves so that we may create a new version of the Universe. In this time and place, we are being given a choice: to step into the true power of creatorship which is ours and can never be taken away―or to renounce that power, and slide deeper into darkness, fear, and conflict.

We can’t have it both ways anymore. We can no longer hang around the fringes of our potential, waiting for that proverbial cosmic 2x4 to knock us into our next big round of expansion. We can no longer operate from our sovereignty in some areas of our lives while still being a victim in others. We can no longer pretend to be helpless when we are powerful beyond measure; in fact, the lies we tell ourselves about our powerlessness are the only things that can weaken us.

Those of us being asked to step beyond our habitual human dichotomy and into this new expression of creatorship are doing so because the opposite feels unthinkable. We are following dreams of purpose, passion, community, and contribution. We are delving deeply into our connection to the Universe, our planet, and other human beings. We are past the point of no return: we are awake, and will never be asleep again.

And yet.

Somewhere along that path to our own greatness, we hit the barrier. We find that place of “up to a point.” We feel that, although we can definitely create some things, other parts of our reality aren’t quite so malleable―and, according to the Law, the Universe reflects this belief to us in ways that make it appear true.

Most of the time (in my experience, anyway), we accept this because we are still acting out our habits of self-doubt and self-minimizing. For whatever reason, we don’t want to be all-powerful in our own lives.

I get it. I mean, who wants that kind of responsibility? Who wants to really, truly know that their every thought, every feeling, and every action will be reflected back to them twofold, or threefold, or tenfold within the sphere of their personal Universal matrix? More, who wants to admit that their thoughts, feelings, and action affect others far beyond those sharing their physical space; that they are in fact amplified to influence the greater Universal Field and all life on Earth and beyond?

I avoided that responsibility like the plague for a long, long time. I made myself smaller in order to preserve the lie that I was at the mercy of transient human constructions like money, social media, pretzels, and traffic. Because, you know, even an all-powerful being with a direct link to the Universal Field must bow down before the onslaught of rush hour on Route 95.

All joking aside, here’s the crux: we don’t actually get to give up our power. While we are avoiding, hiding, and bypassing, while we’re mired in fear and doubt, we are not fully tapped into that power―but we are still manifesting. We are still creating every single aspect of our reality experience here on Earth. We just aren’t doing it consciously or deliberately.

Why is this so? Why do we get the responsibility of creation even when we aren’t consciously manifesting?

It’s because of something called the Law of Creatorship.


The Law of Creatorship

It’s been written that there are seven Universal Laws, and that the Law of Attraction isn’t among them. Instead, that Law underpins every one of them, like the foundation of a house. The Law of Attraction, therefore, isn’t a law so much as an immutable truth, a pillar of the Universe.

Another of those pillars is something I call the Law of Creatorship. It states: You have infinite power to create every aspect of your reality. To harness this power, you need only believe in its existence. 

I have to tell you: I had a problem with this one at first. What does “every aspect of my reality” actually mean? Can I escape gravity if I want to? Can I fly, or dive down into the depths of the ocean? Can I teleport, or levitate? Can I walk across a bed of hot coals, or project my consciousness to view remote locations around the world?

The short answer, of course, is yes. I can do all of those things, and more―if I can train my human mind to fully, irrevocably believe that they are possible for me.

Most of us, as I shared earlier, believe in our ability to create our reality, but only to a certain extent. Where our personal lines are drawn differ depending on our beliefs, conditioning, and which aspects of fear we are predisposed to take on―but the lines are there, and crossing them can be scary, uncertain, even painful. To erase those lines, we must dissolve the “truths” our ego minds hold so dear, and replace them with the only real truth of our existence: that we are infinite beings with infinite powers, playing a game called “This Lifetime” on the energetic construction known as Planet Earth. Yes, there are rules to this game―but those rules aren’t what we think they are.

The Law of Creatorship reminds us that we don’t have to play this game according to the rules we’ve been taught. We can throw out the old playbook and instead live according to our soul imperative and mission―aka, the real reason we chose to come here. We can step fully into our responsibility as divine creators, able to influence not only our personal matrix of reality but our entire planet and beyond. And, from there, we can start bringing forth the kind of love, peace, abundance, and fulfilment we dream of for ourselves and our world.

All we have to do to harness this power is believe it exists within us.

I’ve chosen to accept a new mission: to teach others how to believe in, experience, and live from our infinite power so we can all step more fully into our collective purpose as creators. I’ve been guided to do this through a dialogue around evolution. Why? Because although a quantum leap in our personal and collective consciousness is necessary if we want to create a world of peace, freedom, and prosperity, we don’t have to do everything all at once; in fact, we can evolve into our greatness one small but miraculous step at a time. When we choose our evolution, we choose our new reality.

Let’s choose a new way forward, together.


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