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When we decide that we are ready to start showing up as creators in our own lives, there are two fundamental truths we need to know.

The first truth is something I call the Law of Creatorship™. This law underpins every other Universal law, including the Law of Attraction. This law states: You have infinite power to create every aspect of your reality. To access this power, you need only believe in its existence.

Accepting the Law of Creatorship is necessary to experiential creation because it means accepting responsibility for your reality—completely, without excuses or exceptions.

The second truth is this: Who you are, and who you’re being in your life right now, are not necessarily the same. 

Put another way: You are not who you think you are.

I want you to roll that phrase around in your mind for a few moments.

We tend to get attached to our ideas about who we are, because they are central to our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. But what if these ideas, like everything else in this physical dimension, are mutable? Changeable? What if they can be upgraded to reflect how we really want to be, feel, and operate in our lives?

The secret lies in the concept of “who we are being.”

Who are you being right now?

Being implies a temporary state―a “now” state. When we hear that ubiquitous statement, “Just be,” we think of being present, of being here now. Who you are being is precisely that: who you are, right here and now.

But instead of thinking of ourselves as living in a series of “being” states, we get stuck.  We want permanence, and so we convince ourselves that who we are being is who we are.

A Course in Miracles says: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” Who we are—who we really are—are divine beings of energy funnelled into human bodies in order that we may operate on this dimensional plane. We are part of the Divine, and the Divine is part of us. We are part of the universe―but because (as experiments with entanglement have demonstrated) the Universe is holographic in nature, the entirety of the Universe is also contained within us. We are containers for the infinite possibility of the quantum field, and everything we need and desire already exists inside us.

Nothing real can be threatened. So nothing we do here on this planet, in this lifetime, can change the fundamental truth of our essence. The truth of who we are is not subject to time, space, or the physical laws of this planet. We are more than we can ever know. We are all that is.

Our consciousness is the bridge between this physical reality and the infinite possibility of our true nature as energy beings. When we employ it, we can transcend “what is” and who we are currently being, and create (and become) something more expansive.

We were given a human mind and a human ego when we came here. These tools help us operate in this world—but when we listen only to them, it leads us to choices that cover up who we really are. Ignoring our essence as spiritual beings operating as both pieces of the universe and containers for it can, and does, separate us from our powers of creation. Only by accepting the Law of Creatorship and believing in our innate, inborn power can we bring ourselves back to our true nature and our ultimate purpose for coming to this planet.

This is our choice. Nothing that has happened to us, nothing we’ve created, nothing that the world has thrown at us can change this truth: Because we are creators, we get to choose who we are being in every moment, every day, for the entirety of this life. We can override instinct, conditioning, even our own beliefs, at will. All we have to do is choose.


We can’t create with thought alone

We’ve all heard that what we think about manifests in our reality. This is true. Our thoughts carry energy, and they have tremendous power. But research into the nature of our personal energy fields has proven that the heart’s field is multiple times larger, stronger, and more influential than that of the brain. And so, because the universe responds to energy, we can create more powerfully when we get our hearts involved.

What truly creates our reality isn’t thought, but belief. Certainty. This certainty creates coherence between our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

So, how do we change what we believe? We can do it in a number of ways—one of which is through meditation (and my friend Boni Lonnsburry teaches this beautifully). But aside from meditation, the method that has worked most powerfully and quickly for me has been to ground my belief in experience. That’s why I call the work I teach “experiential creation.”

In order to give myself a new reality—the reality where my biggest dreams can manifest—I need to feel like the kind of person who can receive that reality. I need to believe that that reality is possible for me, even if it’s never been part of my experience before.

As a chronic overthinker, it’s hard for me to do that on the power of my imagination alone. But if I I can strip that feeling down to its core essence and then take action to let myself experience it now—if I can give myself a even a tiny taste of being that person who can receive my dream—I can recreate that feeling daily.

This marriage of thought and experience creates a stronger, more resonant new belief than I had ever been able to create before. It allows my mind to get on board with what my heart already knows.

In order to align with what I want in my life, I may need  to upgrade my habits, my environment, my daily choices, and some old self-sabotaging patterns. When I shift these, I will change who I’m being in my life, and this will create new beliefs that prove to me that I am the person who can have what I want.

Infinite possibilities exist within the quantum field. These possibilities become real because, as creators, our thoughts, emotions, and actions bring them into being. We create by being.  And when we know how to be in our lives to create resonance with what we want to attract, we can create a plan for our experiential creation—our conscious evolution.

Your dream is only a few choices away. Are you ready to create it?


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