Even Unicorns Shit Sometimes (and other musings on creating your dreams)

“It can’t be all unicorns and rainbows,” my friend said, grinning at me from across the table.

She was joking, of course, quoting that popular aphorism that gets spouted at all of us spiritual dream-chasers at least twice a day. But this time, I wasn’t hearing it.

“Why the hell can’t I have unicorns? I mean, I like unicorns … and dragons, too,” I added, for good measure. “If I truly create my own reality (and I know I do), I can have whatever I want.”

“What I mean is, we have these big visions for our dreams, but when we get them, they’re not always as magical as we expected.”

“Well,” I countered. “Even unicorns shit sometimes.”

Of course that got a laugh, and the conversation moved on. But it got me thinking about what it really means to get what we’re wishing for, and how we can stop beating ourselves up when our big dreams don’t live up to expectations.

You see, unicorns are magical beings. They’re like horses, but way better. They can do stuff that horses just can’t — like shine a spotlight from their horns, and fly, and sprinkle magical sparkles from their manes. But beneath all of that, they’re still horses. And if you invite a horse into your living room to stay for more than a few minutes, you have to be prepared to clean up the shit it dumps on your carpet. (Granted, it will be magical unicorn shit, and it’ll probably twinkle like golden rainbows, but it will still be shit and you will still have to scoop it up and cart it outside.)

Big dreams are like that. Before we attain them, we don’t have experience, only a vision. We fantasize about what it will be like when we get to ride this unicorn across the night sky and wave at all the poor suckers on the street below who don’t have unicorns yet. We daydream about all the stuff our unicorn will help us do—like find pots of gold, or step through the veils between worlds. But we don’t take into the account the care and feeding of this magical creature, and what that process will require from us.

The moment this realization hits, most people, disillusioned, start saying stuff like, “It can’t all be unicorns and rainbows.”

Now, the fact that even unicorns shit isn’t a good reason to stop chasing your big dream. The perks of living in your new, magical, unicorn-filled reality aren’t diminished by the few extra mundane chores you’ll have to do in order to make life with your magical companion smooth (and sanitary). But to some people, the thought of the shit alongside the sparkle is enough to make them deny themselves a unicorn forever.

Don’t do that, folks.

The truth is, any new reality we choose is going to come with its own set of problems, discomforts, and challenges — and this is absolutely as it should be. If we just coast along in our comfort zones, we will never grow! And although a big dream can feel as far away as a mountaintop, when you get there, you see that there’s a whole range of peaks beyond, each with their own challenges, but each with an even better view than the one you’ve attained.

So, if you’re telling yourself that it will be too much work to run that multi-million-dollar coaching business, so you’d rather play small; that you’ll lose all your friends once you step into a circle of movers and shakers, so you shouldn't expand your network; that you’ll screw up royally if you have that much money to throw around, so you’ll just keep being poor; that no one will believe in your magic when you put it out there so you shouldn't even bother finding it … ask yourself, “Am I making the poop bigger than the perks?”

You can always learn a new skill to deal with a new problem. But if you skip out on your dream because you’re afraid of a little mess, you’ll regret it forever.

Dream chaser, go after those unicorns and rainbows with all your heart. Be proud to be the caretaker of such a magnificent dream. And don’t let anyone tell you that the poop is bigger than the perks.

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