Choose Your Evolution™ is the brainchild of Bryna Haynes. 

Tapping into the ancient wisdom of yogic texts, modern metaphysical philosophies, and quantum theory, Bryna marries intention with action through …


Through the channels of the Law of Creatorship™ and her Evolution Equation™, Bryna’s work offers a new formula to fully realize your innate potential for creatorship and harness the power of the universe within. 

If you are ready to step into your personal power and limitless potential in a BIG way, bust through your self-imposed glass ceilings, and live in total alignment with your purpose, it's time to enter the sacred matrix of conscious creatorship. 

The Evolution Equation™


energy + environment = evolution 

We've all heard the adage, "What we think, we create." But thought isn't the only factor that determines our reality. In fact, there are six environmental factors that contribute to our creation process, and impact the amount of energy (aka, will, intention, or attention) we need to place on our process of change. Those factors are: thought, emotion, our physical body, the people around us, our physical environment, and time. 

When you move beyond simply thinking about what you want and align your inner and outer environment to support it, you amplify the resonance of your intention in the universal field. Instead of whispering about what you want, you're singing it! More, taking action to align your environment with your dreams, desires, and intentions gives you access to the most valuable tool in your manifestation arsenal: the belief that you can actually create what you want. 

The Equation can be applied to every area of your life, no matter who you are or what you are creating. It is a portal into your own potential and your power to consciously create a life on your terms. This process allows you to show up in your life as the most aligned version of you—the you who can receive, sustain, and embody your biggest dreams. 

The Law of Creatorship™

metatrons cube.png

You have infinite power to create every aspect of your reality. 

To access this power, you need only believe in its existence. 

The Law of Creatorship is the key to unlocking the potential of the Law of Attraction and all of the Universal Laws which govern our relationship to our world. Bryna teaches her clients and students to access their creatorship under this Law so that they can step into their power and live into their purpose with complete clarity, awareness, and alignment. 

The Creatrix


Inspirational speaker, philosopher, waymaker, coach, and award-winning, best-selling author: Bryna Haynes is the creator of Choose Your Evolution and the Quantum Evolution™ process.

Using a potent combination of quantum theory, neuropsychology, metaphysics, and plain old common sense, she helps conscious entrepreneurs, changemakers, leaders, and influencers navigate growth and change so they can step into their biggest visions in the most intentional way possible.

Constantly challenging the status quo, Bryna is an agent for quantum evolution, empowering others to harness their own power as creators and live in their genius through conscious choice, inspired action, new perspectives—and, most importantly, knowing how to ask the right questions. 

Want to learn how to harness the power of creatorship in your life?