Hi, I’m Bryna Haynes, creator of Choose Your Evolution®!

Tapping into a diverse spectrum of work including quantum physics, neuroscience, and ancient spiritual wisdom, I teach people to become the best versions of themselves through a process I call …


I take high-level concepts like hologram theory, mental reflexes and habituation, and subconscious patterning, and distill them so that they’re not only approachable, but actually USEFUL.

After all, evolution isn’t theoretical. It’s experiential.

If you are ready to step into your personal power and limitless potential in a BIG way, bust through your self-imposed glass ceilings, and live in total alignment with your purpose, it's time to enter the space where science and spirituality intersect—the sacred matrix of conscious creation!

My personal Evolution


I’m an inspirational speaker, philosopher, waymaker, and award-winning, best-selling author who’s passionate about discovering new pathways to personal growth and empowerment. The status quo is my archnemisis—which is why I’m an agent for change and expansion for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers around the world.

But I have to be honest: I haven’t always been aligned with my purpose.

In fact, I used to be stuck. Like, REALLY stuck.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 23. My life was a series of reinventions—but what I REALLY wanted always felt just out of reach.

You see, I was waiting for life to make it *possible* for me to have what I really wanted, deep in my soul. I was waiting for permission—not from any one person, but from the Universe. Like one day my life would just … shift, and make it possible for me to follow my dreams.

I had built an awesome and successful business as a book coach, editor, and ghostwriter of inspirational books. I was a best-selling author in my own right. I worked with some of the most inspiring women in the industry. I had a sweet “laptop lifestyle,” with lots of travel and adventure to balance out the long days and hard work.

But I still wasn’t living my real dreams. And I was starting to feel like my business was sucking me dry. I just wasn’t passionate about it anymore.

I was headed for burnout.


Actually, my toes were already over the edge of that cliff. If I didn’t figure this out, I was going to crash. Or explode like a meteor.

Then, I had a HUGE epiphany.

I couldn’t keep waiting for the Universe to show me the way to my dreams. It simply wasn’t going to happen.


I wasn’t *BEING* the person who could have the dreams I was dreaming. I wasn’t showing up in my life in a way that told the Universe I was #readytogo. I was doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results. And my belief that I wasn’t “enough” was running every show I put on.

  • I helped amazing world-changers get their ideas out there, but even though I had a TON of exciting ideas of my own, I wasn’t giving my own knowledge any weight.

  • I wanted to be on stage, but I stumbled over my elevator speech at networking meetings, thinking, “nobody cares what I have to say.”

  • I wanted to find my purpose, but I never slowed down enough to figure out what I really wanted, let alone do anything about it.

Not cool. And definitely not helpful when it came to creating my biggest dreams.

It was time to get real. I needed to figure out what I ACTUALLY wanted, so I could finally start having it.

I started researching the science behind manifestation (aka, reality creation).

I started studying how the human brain works, and what keeps us from being open to possibilities and seeing the creative solutions that help us make real, radical change.

And, most important of all, I took the time to get quiet and still, so I could hear that inner voice—the part of me that actually KNEW what I wanted and why.

I started actually doing the work of shifting who I was *BEING* in my life so I could start having what my heart and soul REALLY craved …

… And EVERYTHING changed.

Turns out, it’s not the burning bridges and “cosmic 2 x 4s” that powerfully shift your reality. It’s the little micro-changes that eventually fill the cup that holds your ultimate potential.

And honestly, do you really want to wait around for the Universe to *someday* hit you upside the head?

Since then, I’ve been teaching and sharing my Quantum Evolution™ formula to intellectual seekers and conscious creators around the globe. I feel like I’ve found my celestial trajectory! I’m blazing a new trail between the esoteric and the practical by showing mission-driven creators and entrepreneurs like YOU how to own their power and shape their own reality.

How does it get better than that?

The Law of Creatorship®

metatrons cube.png

You have infinite power to create every aspect of your reality. 

To access this power, you need only believe in its existence. 

The Law of Creatorship is the Law behind the Laws—the key to unlocking the potential of the Law of Attraction and all of the other Universal Laws which govern our relationship to our world.

THIS is what was missing from my search for purpose and meaning for so long. I knew, theoretically, that I could create my reality. I knew that my thoughts had power. I knew I was connected to something greater than myself, and that I was put here for a purpose.

But it was the SCIENCE—quantum physics, neuropsychology, and behavior change studies—that gave me full, experiential access to this fundamental truth.

Yup, I’m a born skeptic. It’s part of my superpower. I question everything.

That’s why I don’t teach just science or just spirituality. I teach them together, because neither raw logic nor blind faith will get us where we need to go. At the same time, they ultimately both point us back to the same place: that WE are the ones who get to decide how powerful—or how limited—we are.

And, when we become aware of and learn to work with the human patterning and instincts that are running beneath the surface, we can tap into something more—the Quantum Field, which is limitless, boundless, and divine.

Want to learn how to harness the power of creatorship in your life?